The initial set-up of Phenotero requires three steps:

  • Installation of Zotero (described on this page)
  • Phenotero library import (described here)
  • Citation Style Language (CSL) file import (described here)


Phenotero requires a running installation of Zotero. Zotero runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems and the installation is easy and quick. Please obtain Zotero from and follow the instructions for your operating system.

After completing the installation, Zotero should look like this on Mac (and very similar on other operating systems):


You will also need the associated plugin for your word processing software. These plugins are bundled with Zotero from Version 4.0 upwards and automatically add a Zotero toolbar to Word or Writer. Your Word/Writer should show this:


In Google Docs, Zotero should also be already incorporated and available to be used automatically given your Zotero desktop version is running.